Next Generation Proton Therapy

Pronova 3
A client developing the next generation proton therapy machine hired Performance Composites to design and engineer the covers and manufacture the tooling and panels. This medical machine utilizes large stationery wall panels as well moving nozzle panels that rotates 360 degrees on a 10 ft gantry. It was a complex design with 32 outer and inner covers that need to fit precisely and meet superior aesthetics expected on a high-tech medical device. In addition, the design had to meet FDA & UL requirements as well as mechanical loads, vibration, sound damping, fire retardant, ease of assembly and a tight budget. Performance Composite's engineering team worked closely with our client on the design and engineering and developed composite panel constructions that met all of the requirements. We made sample panels, tested them for life cycle performance, and selected the ideal construction. Also, taking advantage of our in-house painting capabilities, we helped our client's marketing department fine-tune the paint swatches and textures to achieve their target aesthetics. Once the design was frozen, Performance Composites made master molds from CAD files using a CNC router and made production composite molds. We fabricated first article panels and supported the client on the prototype machine assembly, fine tune the panel fit and finalized the paint color and texture. Then we made fixtures to locate all of the key features such as holes and trims and started production. This project was completed on a tight schedule and met the budget. This is one of the prime examples of how Performance Composites can partner with you on your next project from start to finish.

Why Performance Composites?

  • Quality
  • High Quality Composite Manufacturing ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • Receive composite parts that will consistently meet your specifications every time. We use high-quality molds, well-designed manufacturing processes, optimal composites materials, effective ISO 9001:2015 quality processes, and well-trained employees to consistently achieve 100% quality ratings from our customers.
  • Rely on us to supply all of your critical fiberglass composites. We are honored to be designated as a strategic supplier by many of our large OEM customers, and we have many customer partners for over 10 years.
  • Cost-Effective
  • Cost Effective Solutions Using Fiberglass and Composite Materials
  • Receive low cost, high performance composites and fiberglass parts that are value engineered and are manufactured using the most cost-effective materials and processes.
  • Reduce your overall part cost and improve product performance when we help you convert your existing designs from sheet metal or plastics to composites.
  • Save time and money by utilizing our efficient workforce and low overhead to perform your custom assembly.
  • Reliable
  • Reliable On-Time Delivery of Your Composite Parts
  • Receive your composite products on time! Our production team is dedicated to on-time delivery, and we consistently achieve 100% on-time delivery ratings from our customers.
  • Receive the fastest response time from the composite industry. Our typical production through-put time is less than 2 weeks.
  • Have your fiberglass composites products delivered on a "Just-in-Time" basis to help you minimize your inventory.
  • Rely on us to work with your Kan Ban system to simplify your order fulfillment and ensure your composite parts are always available.
  • Service
  • Superior Customer Service from our team
  • Receive excellent customer service. Performance Composites is structured as a service company that specializes in composite fabrication. We are committed to serving our customers and developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. Many of our customers have been partners with us for over 10 years.
  • Receive support from our experienced team on every step of the process from design, engineering, process development, project management, prototype development, composite product manufacturing, quality control per ISO 9001:2015, custom assembly, packaging and shipping. We will help you optimize performance, quality and cost.

Company Information

Performance Composites is a full service composites manufacturer providing engineered fiberglass products to original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We offer engineering, analysis, design assistance, process development, tooling fabrication, composite fabrication, assembly, quality control and project management. Our goal is to provide high-quality fiberglass manufacturing, cost-effective solutions, superior service and on-time delivery.

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